I know a house in the greenery ...

Chef Peter Graes indulges you with German traditional cuisine and delicacies. We are offering you fresh, seasonal and high-class products.

Sonja Graes takes care of a warm and friendly service. Also the little guests are warmly welcomed at our house and can enjoy our kids corner.

Our History

A trip into the last century...

1912 Landgasthof Graes


Foundation & reconstruction

1905 In 1905 the house was opened as a tavern by the ancestors of the family Graes. The tavern was a meeting point for neighbours and close by villagers. 
The shown postcard pictures the tavern in the year 1912.

1920 In 1920 a colonial goods store for daily groceries, stationary, cigarettes and sweets was also opened there. Farming with livestock was the third column in the family business and was continued for over 100 years until 2010.
During World War II the house was hit by fate twice. Because in the years 1940 & 1945 the building burned down to the foundation walls. With a lot of effort, the house was reconstructed after both fires.

1950 Front Landgasthof Graes
1950 Luftansicht Landgasthof Graes
1950 Poststelle Landgasthof Graes


Further development

After the second reconstruction only the tavern and farming was continued. Although in 1952 a post office was opened there too. The post office received the mail for the close by houses from Dülmen because the peasantry belonged to Dülmen back then. The mail man was Rudolf Graes (photo in the middle) who was also the owner & operator of the the tavern. With his wife Erika, he reopened the tavern  under his family name and began to offer meals too.
The post office stayed there until the remunicipalization in 1974. The remunicipalization caused that the house then belonged to Nottuln and the post office was transferred. 
In the years 1973 - 1981 the tavern still belonged to the family but was leased out to other operators. During these years the first part of the ball room and the bowling alley was built.

1980 Front Landgasthof Graes



Anfang der achtziger Jahre übernahmen die Eheleute Graes den Betrieb der Kneipe wieder und der „Gasthof Graes“ wurde über die Jahre immer bekannter, sodass sie mehr und mehr in die Kneipe investierten mit Umgestaltungen und Neubauten. Zum Ende der achtziger Jahre wurde der zweite Teil des Festsaals, sowie der Windfang als Eingang gebaut.

Sonja + Peter


Take over by Sonja & Peter

Peter Graes, trained chef and Sonja Graes, trained educator took the pub over. Through the construction of a gastronomy kitchen, a cosy dining room and a beer garden, they turned the pub into a restaurant which is now known for its traditional and regional cuisine.

2000 Front Landgasthof Graes


Entering the digital era

Im Jahre 2012 traten die Inhaber dann auch ins digitale Zeitalter ein und veröffentlichten die erste Website vom „Gasthof Graes“. Kurz darauf folgte auch die Facebook-Seite, die über kommende Buffets oder Angebote informierte.

Landgasthof Graes von außen


Today - customer-orientated, rustic, but also digital

2020 was the year of change. In the country inn not only physically a lot has been renovated and redesigned but also digitally. 

During the lockdown of the restaurant, caused by the corona crisis, the hammer was lifted and some constructional changes happened, among the redesign of the bar and buffet area.

In the middle of the year also a digital transition happened and the daughter of the owners, Jasmin Graes, trained Online Marketing Manager, gave the restaurant a new digital appearance with a new logo, a new website with a blog and the launching of a newsletter and Instragram page. 

Furthermore online reservations were launched and an online ordering system for ordering vacuumed meals.

And for


now, we live and love our passion for good German cuisine and friendly service.

We and our team hope to welcome you in our house in the near future.

Sonja & Peter Graes


A short look into our culinary world...


Onion Steak


Schweinefilet „Gärtnerin“


Schnitzel „Wiener Art“


Schnitzel „Toskana“

Pfannkuchen „Waldmann“


Schnitzel „Madagaskar“


Schnitzel „Hawaii“

Waffeln mit Pflaumen-Kompott

Waffles with plum compote & ice cream

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